Question: If I’m just finishing course work and haven't started writing yet, is this program good for me?

ANSWER: Yes! Abso-freaking-lutley! If you think you need to be stuck in the drift for years to enroll, then you are thinking about it BACKWARDS. The beautiful thing about this program is that it works for dissertation and thesis writers just starting out as well as those who have been stuck for weeks/months/years. We focus on taking on the identity of the finisher and the thoughts, habits, and belief systems that align with that identity... and you will be locking arms with other amazing women also going through the same challenges as you are. The sisterhood is amazing. So yes, even if you’re just starting to write, and haven’t been "stuck" yet, this is 100% for you too... you will be setting yourself up for success!

Question: I’m looking for more writing strategies, will this program help me figure out how to be a good writer?

ANSWER: Let’s be honest, writing the dissertation is tough. Writing through confusion can make it even tougher. And if you’re like most doc students writing their dissertations, you may think you need more strategies, or to download 100 more articles before you start writing, and not actually writing anything! In this program, I’m going to encourage you to take action even when you "think" you aren't ready to write. I can give you 562 strategies, but the only way through writing through confusion is actually writing! I can help with the mindset work required to get through the dreaded “blinking cursor syndrome” once and for all. You can always hire an editor later to help you through making sure the grammar, punctuation, and formatting is in good shape. But you need to put words on the page first.

Question: Where should I be in the dissertation process to join the Dissertation Breakthrough program?

ANSWER: Doc students at any point in the dissertation process are encouraged to join. This program is ideal for any doc students who can use intensive support in the area of additional accountability, support, coaching, and community.

Question: What will my return on investment likely be?

ANSWER: Depends on your field, but when you finish your dissertation and graduate with a Doctorate degree, your earning potential can range anywhere from $6,000 - $22,000 per YEAR more than if you have a Masters Degree. Only 1.8% of Americans hold a Doctorate.

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