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Jenn had some reservations prior to joining Stuck to Unstoppable. She was worried that she would enroll and then wouldn't use the resources provided in the program. After joining, Jenn established a daily writing flow, finished her proposal and stopped beating herself up.


Angela had not made any progress in a year and a half. In one month, she has been able to hit two milestone goals through staying in integrity and connecting with her network inside the Stuck to Unstoppable community. Angela did not enjoy watching the dollars fly out of her bank account in paying tuition without making progress.


Before Paula joined Stuck to Unstoppable, she was experiencing self-doubt and felt that she was no longer smart enough to continue. She was overcome by habitual procrastination, even though she was constantly stressed about it and constantly thinking about it. The Stuck to Unstoppable program has helped her systemically fix problems by providing healthy habits, accountability to help her remain consistent. Paula has been making consistent progress, working along side other women all around the world.


Jill has been ABD for four years and decided that she had to make progress and take action. She can now approach her dissertation without dreading it. She feels more balanced than she has ever felt, and has found a tremendous community of support.


Janelle experienced some significant life changes and became stuck. She was desperate for change and her dissertation clock had expired. She applied for an extension, but wasn't sure where to start. Through the program, she was able to break the undertaking into small steps and was able to complete a well-written chapter and submit it to her chair. She now has a defense date!

Tabitha Acree

I now have a group of friends to support me and cheer me on. I also have POM parties and tools to help me be successful.

Amber Colvin-Simmons

Omg yes! I'm finally at a place where I feel like I CAN and WILL finish. I also see that I can set realistic goals and meet them, I just need to be consistent, set SMART goals, and do some thought work!

Dr. Denise Cornish

100% This program has saved me, and not just in the dissertation world. I learned things that are applicable to many aspects of my life.

Christie Hill-Troglin Cox

Yes. I’m definitely more organized, understand the importance of writing goals, changing them as necessary, and creating accountability partners

Sherry Robertson

Yes, especially the intentional model, breaking goals into weekly and daily tasks, and setting up daily routines

Dr. Sherlyn Harrison

Yes. I realize that I do have the time. I realize that I have habits that promote productivity. I realize that I can combat negative thinking.

Linda Olsen

I have love this community of encouragement and support. This was the what I had when taking classes that I lacked in my dissertation isolation. Amy, your willingness to be vulnerable and share you personal experiences while teaching us ways to impact productivity is all areas of our life have helped me realize I am truly not alone. The support I have felt from women I never would have had a chance to meet elsewhere has been inspiring. We are strong women and we have been reminded that each step on this path we have friends cheering us on.

Paula Mamani

Yes. I am getting up every morning (surprisingly consistently -- 2 am!) and working on my dissertation until I have to take my children to the bus stop at 6:30 am. Even if the rest of my day does not allow work on my dissertation, I am still making progress. I work and a take breaks when the Google Pomodoro timer goes off. I used to stay up until 2 am because of insomnia. But I could not concentrate on my dissertation so I usually watched Netflix, hoping to get sleepy. I've replaced the whole Netflix situation by going to sleep at 8 or 9 and waking up at 2 am. And it's really quiet and free because everyone's asleep. No one needs me for anything!

Krista Easton

In many ways! Becoming a morning person, getting specific and accountable with goals, POM sessions and mini-word count goals really add up, and finding an accountability partner in a similar field is just the best... it's great to have someone to talk to about all of the details and roller coaster processes of being in the dissertation process that just bores other people.


Shanna is in her 19th semester of her PhD program in nursing. Since joining Stuck to Unstoppable in July, she has written two chapters and revised three. She has made more progress in 3 months than she has in 5 years... and her dissertation is now complete. She is scheduled to defend in November, and will soon have crossed off "Graduate with PhD" from the bucket list that she and her husband are working through together.


Jill was stuck in the drift for four years without making any progress. She knew it was investment but decided to go for it. Since joining she's no longer paralyzed by the idea of a literature review. She has reviewed 20+ articles and several dissertations in just one month. She is thankful to the community of women inside the program and she is now excited about her research!


Jennie wasn't really stuck, she had been 'working' on her dissertation. By joining the program she decided to commit to getting her dissertation done. It wasn't a moment of struggle, but she wanted to build momentum. Since joining the program, she writes every day. She's learned how to write in 15-20 minutes chunks, and she can commit to that. Because of that she has made massive progress on her dissertation.


After participating in 3 of Dr. Amy's free workshops, Meredith decided to join Stuck to Unstoppable. She new that in order to maintain that momentum she was going to need the consistency to continue the momentum. The program has helped her establish a daily writing routine, and has offered her a sense of peace and contentment which was has needed. She feels a lot less anxious than she ever has before. Stuck to Unstoppable has brought her a sense of community, consistency, accountability, and positivity that she was desperately lacking trying to write her dissertation on her own.


Christine was afraid of the financial commitment and the fear of failure. In joining the program she has found a sisterhood. She has learned how to silence the inner mean girl by staying in integrity.


Struggles with motivation and mental health, which was exacerbated with the COVID-19 pandemic. After participating in the "Think Like a Phinisher" workshop in July, she considered joining Stuck to Unstoppable, but was concerned about the price. She realized that she would likely fall back into her old patterns without something to keep her momentum going. Since enrolling in the program in July, she has added 20 pages to her dissertation, and is starting to see that baby steps taken consistently, add up quickly. The community is one of the most valuable aspects of the program. She's been able to use the self-coaching model Dr. Amy teaches to be able to help her bounce back from setbacks quickly.


Sherlyn has been ABD not once, but twice. Since 2018 she floundered and didn't want to look at or touch her dissertation. She felt ashamed and defeated. She found Dr. Amy in January of 2020 and realized that she made more progress in the five day workshop than she had made in a long time. Even though the price of the program concerned her, she went for it and she is completely committed to making progress every single day. The program has changed her habits and how she thinks about things. She is now very deliberate with her time.


Amber joined Stuck to Unstoppable after spending over a year in the drift due to supervision issues and a family health issue. Feeling left behind by the other students finishing their dissertations around her in her doc program, she was missing the community support. She had a revelation in the July "Think Like a Phinisher" workshop, and joined Stuck to Unstoppable without hesitation. She has used the tools Dr. Amy teaches inside the program to silence the inner mean girl, while tapping into the community of other women going through the program with her. She has made great progress within the last 3 months, and will defend her proposal in October 2020.


A founding member of the Stuck to Unstoppable program, Heather joined the program for the community component. Finding time to focus on her research was difficulty and she felt guilty for spending time away from her family. As someone who isn't on campus. she had to find a community of women in similar positions who are making progress. The cohort component has been really helpful for her. She has been in the program as she has finished her first two publications, and is set for final defense in November 2020.

Ingrid Andersen

Massively. Being part of a community of people who are honest about their struggles, which are my struggles. Finding lifelong friends who are researching in related fields, so we can support each other. Learning to understand my thought processes so that I can get beyond my stuckness. Moving into constructive habits

Marie Kasner

Absolutely, it has been such a gift. I have had a major shift in mindset. I moved from almost no progress/no engagement to building a daily habit of engaging with my dissertation. I am beginning to implement tools to help me shift my thinking when I start spiraling into negativity. I've spent enough time in my research in the past 30 days to have a sense of where I'm going with my paper, and the finish line is finally in sight

Dr. Yvette Morrell

Yes! I have done more during the 30 day challenge than I have in the past year. I have also been able to apply the unitentional / intentional model to other aspects of my life.

Christa Mylin

YES!!!! Hearing other people's struggles helped me to realize that my situation is not unique. It gave me greater self confidence, knowing that many other women are facing similar struggles and worries, and, yet, we all found ways to make progress together. The program forced me to stop avoiding the work I had to do and sit down and organize my ideas so that I could confidently take small steps toward beginning to write my dissertation. It also gave me the accountability I needed to put pressure on myself to face my own struggles and realize I had the power to change my perspective on the situation. I began to feel like I wasn't alone anymore because of everyone else encouraging each other by sharing stories of small victories and overcoming setbacks.

Jess Reynolds

I picked up some valuable tools and new ways of thinking that are all positive and helping me through the dissertation process.

Dr. Nasreen Bahreman

Absolutely! I feel so much more at ease and confident. I am excited to move forward and feel like with the deep thinking and synthesizing that I was able to do during the past month, I will actually have a solid draft of a proposal to present as soon as I go back to school.

Crystal's Story

Crystal is in the 8th year of her PhD journey. After finishing her coursework within three years, she started to enter the drift, paralyzed by the inner mean girl thoughts and unable to make progress. With the help of her accountability partner and the support of a global community of women, Crystal is now able to sit down and write in 25 minute increments because she has been able to begin to change her thoughts about HER. Crystal says that the Stuck to Unstoppable program has been life changing for her.

Triana's Story

Major shift in the amount of time she spend in her progress. She used to spend longer times away from her dissertation when she has struggles with Imposter Syndrome and the inner mean girl. Since joining the program, she's been working on her dissertation consistently, she gets back on track quicker when she meets obstacles.

Dr. Rebecca's Story

Rebecca was stuck for many months inside the "void". That's why she decided to get in the program. After joining, she had made more progress during our time together versus when she did all of this alone.

JoAnn's Story

JoAnn was in the "drift" for at least 2 and a half years. However, since joining the program and the support of the sisterhood, she has successfully defended her proposal last October 2020. She has also learned how to dissect her thoughts and feelings to find out what is causing her not to get any progress done or be productive. She no longer makes excuses, instead she now grabs the tiger by the tail!

Kathie's Story

Only 5 months into her PhD program, Kathie joined Stuck to Unstoppable. She had seen others ahead of her in her program hit the drift, and wanted to be proactive in her approach for support. So, she took the leap and joined the program to set herself up for success. She's maintained integrity staying accountable to her daily writing habit, and has benefited from the community support.

Lisa's Story

Lisa is a full time Government employee and a full time single parent. She has had trouble with managing her time between her job, her loved ones, and her needs, wants, and health. That's when she realized that changes needed to happen. The program helped her manage time with her dissertation and connect with the sisterhood, which she mentioned she received a tremendous amount of support from. But most importantly, she learned to focus on taking care of herself, mentally, physically, and emotionally - she now fills her cup with happiness and joy every day. 

Erica's Story

After ending her marriage and losing her identity in 2016, she entered a 3 year drift. The mental aspect of the compounding issues she was living through were swallowing her. After finding Dr. Amy in March of 2020, and joining stuck to Unstoppable in May 2020, the program became her life raft. The program gave her tools to deal with the mental and emotional hurdles that come with the PhD journey. She has developed a resilience in a way that other support structures did not help.

Christie's Story

Back in 2006, Christie started working on her first program. She felt that support was lacking from the people in her program and that there was a lack of communication from her part and theirs. And then the worst thing thin happened, her program was shut down. After a 10 year gap, she started another program, but was going nowhere again. And then she found an ad regarding S2U and that's when she decided that she won't let history repeat itself. 5 weeks after joining in January 2020, she had not only completed, but she has also proposed and passed her comprehensive proposal with flying colors and the best part? She didn't even have to do revisions.

Louise' Story

During Louise' time in the S2U program, she has since learned how to shift her mindset to make herself more productive. She has moved on from not getting anything done at all to writing an hour every morning before going to work. She believes in herslef more and most importantly, she now has the time to spend with her family without any guilt of not making progress in her PhD program.

Mary's Story

Mary started her PhD program a few years ago until life hit her. Between family issues, a toxic work environment, an her own health issues, she was stuck with only 1 out of 3 chapters of her proposal written after 2 years. After joining the S2U program and finishing her first 30-day push, she had fully written the final 2 chapters and since then gained the tools she needed to help her get through the rest of her writing journey.

Rachael's Story

Rachael was feeling completely disengaged from her dissertation. She moved away from her university causing her to lose the academic environment, friends and support, and with it - her motivation. Her motivation and anxiety were one of the biggest factors that affected her progress in her dissertation. During her 30-day push in the program, she has learned to overcome her motivation issues and anxiety which has hindered her from moving on with her PhD program. Not only, she has regained the community and support she needed inside the sisterhood when she left her university.

Dr. Colleen's Story

Colleen joined the S2U program in Summer 2019, and during that time she has met her goal of finishing a full draft of her proposal and have sumbitted it to her chair. Her biggest win, however, was when she found a community of women going through the same situation as her pre-S2U and finding the support and understanding she needs in her PhD journey.

Dr. Tanis' Story

At first, Dr. Tanis was very hesitant to join the S2U program because she thought that every one else in it have already figured out the key to finishing their dissertation. But when she decided to go all in, that's when she realized her initial thoughts were way off. That's where she found the support that helped her get to where she is now. She felt alone before the S2U program, now she has all of the sisterhood to back her up.

Venita's Story

Venita has been a teacher for 30 years. She just started her dissertation a few years back. She was stopped in her journey because of harsh criticisms on her work. After joining the S2U program, she has gained more confidence and trust in herself and learned how to silence her "Inner Mean Girl" which helped her with her dissertation journey.

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